"Spirits Collection" is a selection of rare products from all over the world.
Before we choose the goods we visit each distillery.
Our selection of spirits reflects:
- A vaste selection of Whisky and a collection of aged whisky: Jhonny Walker Collection, that start from the classic Red Label to the Blue Label (60 years old);
Oban (14 years old)- Lagavulin (16 years old)- Glenlivet (12 years old)- Talisker (10 years old) and much more...

- Vodka, of which we have a selection of over one hundred different bottles and an amazing Premium Collection: Parliament, favourite vodka of russian president "Putin" - Crystal Head, one of the most important canadian vodka and we are the only bar in all of Europe to have it;
Kauffman - Grey Goose - Belvedere - Van Gogh - Chase - Pravda - Ketel One - Blavod (the only one black) - Imperia and much more...

- Gin, hip flasks at the beginning of the 900 allow us to create Martini Cocktail flavor of the past and Premium Collection: Hendrix - One Key - 50 Pounds - Crowen Jewels - Tanquerary Ten - Number Three and much more...

- Spirits, ancient recipes from Italian monasteries;

- And other delicious products.