Lounge Bar Guarracino, located in Sorrento center, behind Piazza Tasso, splits into two levels: :
- Top floor, more exposed to the eyes, has the main bar counter and the outsite seats
- Lower level, more hidden, more intimate, to drink slowly and enjoy our classic and innovative cocktails.


Sorrento Cocktail Bar
Guarracino has passion for making the highest quality cocktails;
using the best ingredients, and the finest, often painstaking, methods.
The cocktail making process begins every afternoon when we squeeze oranges, lemons and limes by hand.
We don't use any juice or extract that we haven't made ourselves , because the drinks taste fresher and better that way.
Our cocktails are made using only the finest spirits and best ingredients.
We put most of our glassware and all of our mixing glasses in freezers set to -40C to keep drinks cold during the delicate preparation phase. We count the times we shake or stir to ensure the perfect mix without excessive diluition and the result is the perfect cocktail.

We cut the ice by hand to make it denser, colder to chills your drink perfectly without diluiting it too much.
Alongside our cocktails, we have also put together a collection of great value wines, Champagnes, whiskies, vodka, gin and other digestifs.
It takes a few minutes to mix a great drink!!  Menù Cocktails


Our food is locally sourced from Sorrento and the surrounding areas.

Choose from simple traditional local dishes like Gnocchi, Lasagne, Risotto, or just a quick-snack sandwiches, freshly made salads, Caprese (Fresh Mozzarella Cheese and Tomato), Soups ect.. for light meals.
Whatever you choose all will be prepared and served with the utmost style and flair. Menù

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